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Benefits of Having a CCTV

Probably the most known use for a CCTV is crime management. It is both a deterrent and a useful tool in solving crimes committed. Video footage can help law enforcers on investigations and it can also be presented as evidence in the court of law. Although CCTV does not stop crime it has been proven to reduce the possibility of crimes being committed and as a cost-effective solution to avoid internal and external theft for businesses.

CCTV cameras at traffic lights and elsewhere throughout the cities help in monitoring traffic statistics as well as evidentiary footage for speeding violations. It is also useful for disaster management like during emergencies or rescue operations to help people asses the situation before sending in their personnel.

CCTV cameras have also been proven helpful in the medical field as well. It is used in medical monitoring and diagnosis for patients to identify medical crises like stroke, asthma attack, or an epilepsy. Surveillance networks have also been used by researchers to analyze crowd activities in public places and prevent anti-social behaviors.

Some other benefits of having a CCTV installed is private and sensitive area surveillance, protection against false liability lawsuits, and customer satisfaction assurance for businesses. Most of the major cities and states in the US requires installation of CCTV cameras before they can acquire business permits. Legislations like these have been enforced so that the community at large benefit from these advantages.

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