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How do VoIP phones work?

The VoIP system operates by converting analogue voice signals into digital data using packet switching technology. In layman's words, this means that sound waves (i.e., your voice) are turned into digital data, allowing users to make phone calls via the Internet.

The steps for using a VoIP phone are as follows:

1. When a VoIP phone gets digital data from another device, it divides it into information packets and assigns each packet a destination address.

2. The transformed data is subsequently transferred to your router over your broadband line.

3. After receiving the data, the router determines the shortest path to the destination. In order to optimize the final route, the packet may pass via many routers.

4. The packet is subsequently delivered to the intended recipient.

5. The addresses for each packet are then used by the receiving VoIP phone to place the packets in the correct order.

6. The data is subsequently received as voice by the VoIP user.

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