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How to look up IP addresses

The most simple way to determine your router's public IP address is to Google "What is my IP address?" The solution will be displayed at the top of the page by Google.

Other websites will display the same information: they will be able to see your public IP address because your router has made a request and so released the information by visiting the site. IPLocation takes a step further by displaying your ISP's name as well as your city.

In most cases, this technique will only provide an approximation of position – where the provider is, but not the exact location of the device. Remember to log out of your VPN as well if you're doing this. Obtaining the physical geographical address for a public IP address normally necessitates submitting a search warrant to the ISP.

The method for locating your private IP address differs depending on the platform:

In Windows:

Use the command prompt to get started.

Using Windows search, look for "cmd" (without the quotations).

To find the information, type "ipconfig" (without the quotes) in the pop-up box that appears.

Using a Mac:

Select System Preferences from the drop-down menu.

Select the network, and the data should appear.

On an iPhone, type:

Go to the Settings menu.

Select Wi-Fi, then click the I in a circle () next to the network you're connected to; the IP address should appear under the DHCP tab.

Go inside the router to check the IP addresses of other devices on your network. The brand and software used by the router determine how you access it. In most cases, you should be able to access the router by typing its gateway IP address into a web browser on the same network. From there, go to "attached devices," which should show you a list of all the devices that are currently or recently connected to the network, along with their IP addresses.

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