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The average cost of data breach, in 2020, was 8.64 million dollars in the United States alone and at about 3.86 million dollars globally. Organizations impacted by these security threats stand to lose sensitive data, revenue, and even reputational damage. For those reasons, the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act of 2018 require organizations to implement appropriate measures to protect personal data, otherwise, there are risk of substantial fines.

A comprehensive data security platform; Identity and access management; and Security information and event management are some of the steps every organization must take to ensure that they are protected from cyber-attacks. A comprehensive data security platform safeguards sensitive data in a variety of settings, including hybrid multi cloud systems. Identity and access management specifies each user’s roles and access privileges, as well as the criteria under which those privileges are granted or refused. Security information and event management collect and analyzes data from security events in order to detect suspicious user behavior and initiate a preventive or remedial response.

Organizations needs to have a reliable framework for how to deal with both attempted and successful cyber-attacks. Technology is important in providing organizations and individuals the computer security tools needed to protect themselves from these threats. It is vital to ensure that endpoint devices like computers, gadgets, and routers are protected by next-generation firewalls, malware protection, antivirus software, and email security solutions. Simple measures like staff awareness, application security, leadership commitment, and password management also prove to be effective ways of preventing cyber security attacks.

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