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How to protect and hide your IP address

Hiding your IP address is a way to protect your personal information and online identity. There are two main ways to disguise your IP address:

  1. Using a proxy server

  2. Using a virtual private network (VPN)

A proxy server is a server that acts as a middleman for your traffic:

  • The internet servers you visit only see the proxy server's IP address and not your own.

  • When those servers send information back to you, it is routed through the proxy server to you.

A drawback of proxy servers is that some of the services can spy on you — so you need to trust it. They can also introduce advertising into your browser depending on which one you use.

VPN offers a better option:

  • When you connect your computer, smartphone, or tablet to a VPN, the device seems to be connected to the VPN's local network.

  • All of your network traffic is routed through the VPN over a secure connection.

  • You can also utilize the internet as if you were physically present at the VPN's location, which is useful when utilizing public Wi-Fi or accessing geo-blocked websites.

  • It is because your computer act as if it is on the network. Even if you are in the other country you can still access local network resources.

Kaspersky Secure Connection is a VPN that keeps your conversations secret and protects you from phishing, spyware, viruses, and other cyber risks when you're using public Wi-Fi.

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