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Internet of Things Security Threats

Updated: May 22

Consumers enjoy connected devices, but they also provide a new target for hackers. The Internet of Things (IoT) and cybercrime have two key characteristics: they are virtually undetectable to the human eye and they are always present.

The results are frequently magical as more enterprises use a mix of sensors and sophisticated software applications to build smart homes, smart working settings, and even smart cities. When you walk into a room, the lights turn on. To avoid breaking down, a piece of machinery demands an upgrade in advance. Before customers become upset by missing items, a retail establishment automatically restocks a shelf. These are all examples of how the Internet of Things makes technology more accessible and seamless.

Regrettably, the most successful cybercriminals follow a similar pattern. Face-to-face encounters are unusual when it comes to hacking databases, attacking websites, and collecting passwords. When technology becomes indispensable, security concerns about the technology tend to rise. These problems have progressed from email to text messages, from desktop computers to cellphones, and now to the Internet of Things.

According to a recent post on The Next Web, IoT security issues could be far more serious than anybody currently realizes, with possible targets ranging from domestic appliances to nearly anything that connects to the internet.

The article warns, "Imagine the destruction that a premeditated strike on the electricity grid or other utilities may do." "Hackers could theoretically shut down entire cities, causing enormous disruptions."

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