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Top 10 uses of the Internet

1. Electronic Email.  At least 85% of those who use the internet send and receive e-mail. Every week, around 20 million e-mail communications are sent over the Internet.

2. Do some research.

3. Downloading files.

4. Discussion groups. These include public groups, such as those on Usenet, as well as ListServ's private mailing lists.

5. Interactive games. Who hasn't attempted at least one game hunt?

6. Education and Self improvement. Self-improvement and education Online workshops and courses have found a new market.

7. Friendship and dating. Friendship and dating are two of the most important aspects of life. You could be astonished by the quantity of electronic "personals" available on the Internet.

8. Electronic newspapers and periodicals.  Late-breaking news, weather, and sports are all included in this category. In the next few years, this category is projected to rise to the top five.

9. Looking for a job. There are a lot of classified advertising, however most of them are for technical jobs.

10. Shopping. It's hard to imagine this category exists at all. "Cybermalls" appear to be more for the inquisitive than serious customers.

According to the survey, individuals, corporations, business persons, and groups largely use the Internet as a means of communication, reducing their usage of fax machines, telephones, and the postal service. Email should continue to be at the top of the priority list. The Internet has changed how we view the world and will continue to do so.

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