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What Is a Cyber Security Threat?

A cyber security threat is any potential harmful assault that aims to gain unauthorized access to data, disrupt digital activities, or damage data. Cyber dangers come from a variety of sources, including corporate espionage, hacktivists, terrorist groups, hostile nation-states, criminal organizations, lone hackers, and disgruntled employees.

Numerous high-profile cyber attacks in recent years have resulted in the exposure of critical data. For instance, the 2017 Equifax data breach exposed over 143 million individuals' personal information, including birth dates, addresses, and Social Security numbers. Marriott International announced in 2018 that hackers gained access to its servers and stole the personal information of around 500 million clients. In all cases, the organization's inability to implement, test, and retest technical measures such as encryption, authentication, and firewalls permitted the cyber security threat.

Cyber attackers can utilize sensitive data belonging to an individual or a business to steal information or get access to their financial accounts, among other potentially harmful actions, which is why cyber security professionals are critical for protecting private data.

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