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What is CCTV?

CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television is a self-contained surveillance system which uses video cameras to transmit images to a limited number of televisions on the same circuit or network. It was first developed in 1942 by German scientists to monitor the launch of V2 rockets and was later on used by the Americans during atomic bomb testings. The CCTV camera or cameras take constant sequences of images that are then transmitted by cable or wirelessly to the recording device and then on to the display monitor, to be viewed as video footage.

There are two types of CCTV systems based on the cameras used: Analog and IP-based cameras. The analog cameras are the most common type of camera installed in the field. The video is recorded and stored in site by a camera or series of cameras with dedicated set of wires fed into a recording device which may be viewed on a monitor.

The other type of CCTV system is one with the IP-based cameras which carry out the same function as analog ones, but with more extra capabilities. It’s cameras usually offer better images with higher resolution and more flexibility. The video images captured may be viewed remotely as it is transmitted over through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

With the increase of technological advances in our time. CCTV’s are definitely one of the advances that prove to be very useful on many different levels.

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