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What is cyber hygiene?

Have you heard of the term "cyber hygiene"? Brushing your teeth and showering aren't typically connected with technology, but the term serves as a great metaphor for the need to make informed decisions regarding your smart gadgets.

Good hygiene is something that you learn as a child and that you carry with you for the rest of your life. It is based on three main principles: selecting goods and instruments that are appropriate for your hygiene needs, correctly completing hygienic chores, and developing a routine.

But what exactly is cyber hygiene, and how does it relate to your computer and other linked devices?

Cyber hygiene entails teaching oneself to think about cyber security as proactively as you do your regular personal hygiene in order to avoid cyber dangers and online security difficulties. Unfortunately, cyber security still does not receive the same level of attention as cavities and root canals. Some people take cyber security for granted, but as cyber dangers evolve, this may change. In the meanwhile, practicing good cyber hygiene should be as commonplace as brushing your teeth.

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