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What is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) ?

The transmission of voice and multimedia content via an internet connection is known as VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol). Users can make voice calls using VoIP via their computers, smartphones, other mobile devices, special VoIP phones, and WebRTC-enabled browsers. VoIP is a technology that is beneficial to both individuals and businesses since it often contains additional capabilities not seen on traditional phone systems. Call recording, personalized caller ID, and voicemail to e-mail are examples of these services. It is also beneficial to businesses as a means of unifying communications.

The procedure is similar to that of a traditional phone, except that VoIP relies on an internet connection rather than telephone company wiring. VoIP is made possible by a set of technologies and procedures that allow voice communications to be delivered via the internet, such as enterprise local area networks or wide area networks.

A VoIP service converts an individual's voice from audio signals to digital data, which is subsequently sent over the internet. If a call comes in from a standard phone number, the signal is transformed back to a phone signal before reaching the intended recipient.

Incoming and outgoing calls can also be routed over existing telephone networks using VoIP. Some VoIP services, on the other hand, may only work with a computer or a VoIP phone.

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