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What is a good internet speed?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states that a good internet speed is at least 25 Mbps. These speeds support light Internet use, including streaming, online gaming, web surfing, and music downloads.

However, these requirements were established in 2015, and the COVID-19 epidemic demonstrated that these speeds are inadequate for working or learning households.

Two to three individuals can use 25 Mbps in a home, but only one can simultaneously play games or stream in high definition.

In truth, a good internet connection is significantly faster than 25 Mbps, and the FCC has recommended 100 Mbps as the very minimum for broadband. According to Ookla, the typical residential internet speed in the United States for fixed broadband in October 2022 was approximately 182 Mbps download and 22 Mbps upload, significantly beyond the FCC minimum of 25/3.

Low latency and a large bandwidth are characteristics of a fast Internet connection. This combination permits the rapid transport of data in a predetermined length of time.

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