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What is WiFi calling? 

The act of placing and receiving voice and video calls over a WiFi connection is known as WiFi calling. Typically, this is accomplished through software or apps. For instance, RingCentral makes use of this technology in both its desktop and mobile applications. This makes it possible for you to place calls online rather than over your carrier network, cell towers, or landlines. Due to the circumvention of conventional cellular networks, calls can now be made even in areas where voice capabilities are often degraded.

So you can make calls via any wireless internet connection, WiFi calling enables you to do so. Therefore, WiFi calling allows enterprises to avoid using traditional telecommunications providers. Low signal strength no longer precludes communication. You can still make emergency calls, just like with a regular connection.

Even if cellular networks are down, you can still stay connected as long as you have an internet connection. WiFi calling solutions are essential for enabling employees to work from anywhere as current working trends shift more and more towards remote and hybrid working cultures.

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