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Why Fiber Internet is The Best Option for Businesses

In today’s modern business world, fast and reliable internet connectivity is a necessity. Given the power of cloud computing and the internet of things, businesses are no longer constrained by geographical limitations. Employees can work remotely, communicate with colleagues and clients, and access cloud-based databases from anywhere in the world. However, to achieve this level of connectivity, businesses need a robust and advanced internet service provider. Fiber internet is the ideal internet solution for businesses seeking reliable and fast internet connectivity. In this blog, we shall explore the success stories of businesses that have implemented fiber internet and why it’s the best option today.

One success story of businesses implementing fiber internet is Cisco’s Meraki, a cloud-managed networking platform that offers reliable and high-performance internet connectivity to businesses. Through its fiber internet implementation, Meraki has fostered the growth of the company to over 280,000 customers worldwide. Fiber internet has enabled Meraki to effectively provide customers with reliable Wi-Fi access points regardless of the location. This has resulted in rapid growth in the number of wireless networks installed and managed by Meraki systems.

Another example of a successful implementation of fiber internet is at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, a brewer and distributor of craft beer. Before implementing fiber internet, the brewery’s internet connection was slow and unreliable, prompting Dogfish Head to search for a better internet option. After installing fiber-optic cables, the company has experienced fast internet speeds, leading to improved efficiency and reduced downtime. The brewery has also been able to expand its digital marketing and sales activities due to increased bandwidth.

Food trucks, the most ever-changing business venture, have also benefited from fiber internet implementation. With internet speeds ideal for accepting mobile payments, using POS systems, conducting back-end operations in the cloud, and much more becoming a vast part of food truck business, fiber internet has been the most consistent factor in building momentum for these small operations. The key to success can be attributed to a centralized system that involves multiple operations—such as marketing, social media, and other administrative activities—while running a successful food truck campaign.

Cloud servers, another fast-growing essential business asset, are also optimized by using fiber internet. With its vast bandwidth, fiber internet can improve the reliability and speed of virtual desktop computing, video conferencing, and even Cloud-based options like Salesforce. By simply implementing fiber internet, businesses can drastically improve their performance with minimal hardware additions.

Small businesses, especially those operating in remote locations, struggle with poor internet connectivity due to the lack of quality internet service providers. However, with fiber internet, businesses can always access high-speed internet connectivity, ensuring connectivity no matter the location. The small to medium-sized businesses’ robust internet connectivity with the implementation of fiber internet allows these businesses to streamline their operations, work efficiently, access cloud-based solutions, engage in remote work and improve customer service.

In conclusion, the world is digitizing at an unprecedented pace, and businesses that fail to adapt will ultimately lose out to their competitors. Investing in robust, reliable, and fast internet connectivity is crucial for businesses to thrive in today’s competitive business world. With its vast bandwidth and unparalleled speed, fiber internet is the best option for businesses seeking a reliable and fast internet provider. The experience of companies like Cisco’s Meraki, Dogfish Head, and small to medium-sized businesses shows that fiber internet enables businesses to streamline their operations, improve their efficiency, and ultimately drive growth. For businesses that rely on cloud computing, virtual desktop computing, and remote work, fiber internet remains the best option for achieving the necessary levels of speed, reliability, and connectivity.

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