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Why is my Wi-Fi connection so weak? 7 causes of Wi-Fi slowdown

If you are not receiving the internet speeds for which you pay, your wireless internet router signal is likely to blame. Although several things impact internet speed, the Wi-Fi signal in your home can make or break your internet experience.
When Facebook won’t load because of poor internet, it may be time to strengthen your home’s Wi-Fi signal. Employ any or all of the following techniques to increase your Wi-Fi signal and accelerate your internet connection.

Now, let’s examine the possible causes for your poor Internet connection. Continue reading for advice on these topics and additional considerations:

• Router/modem restart is required: A hard reset allows your modem and router to temporarily resolve any issues that are causing them to operate more slowly.
• Your service provider has a data cap: Determine if your service provider has a data cap. If so, your Internet service provider may have slowed your connection for exceeding the limit.
• Updates are required: the software on your device may require an upgrade. To install updates, you will often need to connect your router to a computer via Ethernet connection and visit the manufacturer’s website.
• Cache must be cleared: Accumulated data can weigh down your connection. If you haven’t done so recently, delete the cache and browser history on machines that are connecting to your Wi-Fi.
• An ad blocker is required: Installing an ad blocker is one of the most effective ways to speed up your surfing experience.
• If you have unused devices connected to your Wi-Fi, they are still utilizing your signal. Change your Wi-Fi password to immediately deactivate everything. You will need to log in to every device again, but any devices you are no longer using will be disconnected.
• A new Internet service provider is required: sometimes, bad Internet is simply terrible Internet. Allconnect makes comparing and switching providers straightforward.

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